Portfolio of Freelance-Kid

Strategy and Website Development Workflow

  • Strategy


    Although a successful web marketing plan often starts with a new website, it is really much more. It is a variety of online activities that create traffic, inspire interaction, use social media and convert marketing into sales.  A website is actually the beginning of an ongoing process which drives quality leads to you.

  • Planning


    The planning begins with our team of internet engineers, photographers, writers and designers. Sketches & wire frames are laid out in great detail with planning in mind. Here at Freelance-Kid, we make sure that your project is exactly produced as expected; on time and budget

  • Develop


    As a New York Design &  Website Development Firm who understands  the industry, its geometry and creativity. We will create a detailed plan to review with you and work with vendors to bring the your vision to life. We are experts in website development, application development and SEO on Long Island New York.

  • Deliver


    Proper online promotions whether Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay-Per-Click and Social Media (SMM) play a key role in getting quality leads/traffic to your website. We believe that measuring success is the best way to evaluate your online success.